In SkyEdit

Dylan is seen dancing along with lasers and colorful lights around him moving around. On the Pre-Chorus and Chorus part will appear colorful electric laser waves. On the bridge part is something totally different. On that part the song changes into an empty arena sound effect. The stairway to heaven appears with Dylan climbing the glass baby blue stairs, showing off, and dancing back down. On that same part, Zayn is seen wearing his outfit from the music video, on the left, looking at Dylan. White columns, angels, and doves appear as well. You will see the sky turn light yellow, light pink, and baby blue. After the bridge, everything turns dark again while Dylan is dancing down the blue lite up dark glass stairs. Zayn is seen very dark wearing versace dark sunglasses. Everything fades away when the song is finished.


Dylan is wearing a dark cotton tank top with dark navy colored sweats. His skin color is the same but he is lit up.

On GroundEdit

Blue and green lights pop up until the bridge. When baby blue and white smoke arises then goes back to the pop up lights.


• This is the second nighttime visual screenplay, the first being In The Night, and the third being Focus (Halloween Theme).

• The tank top Dylan's wearing is similar what Robbie Rogers wore in a photoshoot. Dylan's tanktop can also be bought on

• This visual screenplay was inspired by the music video and the Just Dance version.

• The heaven part of the screenplay was used from the song Team.

• Sources says that Dylan isn't really the eye-catcher in the screenplay. But he was chosen because he was the friend that mostly looks to be like a dancer.


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Dylan's tank-top On

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Dylan's tanktop makes that a similar look and style to Robbie Rogers' tanktop.